Update on Why Excalibur Choked Out Jimmy Havoc

Posted By James Walsh on 11/11/19

Ok, so maybe the title is slightly "click bait" in this case? Then again, maybe not.

After reading through some of the reports from the scene of Tony Schiavone's birthday party last week at a place called Jimmy's Seafood in the Georgia.

From what I've been able to figure out, it seems Jimmy Havoc had a little too much of Chris Jericho's "bubbly" and was not making good decisions on what he posted on social media. He posted a picture of
Excalibur sans the mask which angered
Excalibur. After confronting him, no word on if he was mad or asking him politely to remove it, Jimmy Havoc swung at Excalibur wildly and missed and subsequently was put in a chin lock and choked out.

Excalibur wrestled for PWG and is the present announcer for AEW. He is always seen in his mask on anything recorded but apparently did not wear his mask to colleague Tony Schiavone's celebration.

It is not known how this will imapct Jimmy Havoc's standing in AEW however Excalibur still called Full Gear and no mention of the incident made it to the airways.