THE RANT: AEW Dynamite Review & Opinions for 11/27/19

Posted By James Walsh on 11/27/19

A couple #AEW #AEWDynamite thoughts and critiques.
- Virgil as "Soul Train" Jones is interesting. I don't know why he's over like he is, though? Is it because he was Virgil or do I not know stuff I should?
- Chris Jericho's celebration was awesome. His father heeling on Chicago was timeless. Never saw Jericho's dad do that before in his 29 year wrestling career. Priceless.
- Cody's opponent should've called himself "The Bruise". And, cut a promo saying, "I'm called the Bruce because I lose!"
- Allie was a white meat, which a bunny would be I think, babyface a few weeks ago when Kong attacked her. The Kong angle has been poorly continued. And, now, Allie wears leather, is no longer Allie but "Bunny", and Pepper Parks/Braxton Sutter is now Blade and The Butcher, not Ed Leslie after turning on Hulk Hogan in 1994, is Andy Williams? I like the tag team look and guys who look like athletes and can work a logical style will help the tag division. They can't assume, however, all watching AEW on TNT know all these indy talents as the crowd chanted "Who Are You?" and even JR was unaware of their story. But, Allie in tight leather isn't a bad thing either. I just don't quite get why they even had her on TV for Kong to attack if they were going to turn her? And, she was #5 on the Women's Rankings.
- Speaking of the rankings, Britt Baker wasn't on there. Hope it is punishment for showing up and being a clown in the crowd on WWE NXT Takeover. Unacceptable.
- 4 women, no Americans. As far as I know, only 1 that speaks English. Bea Priestley is tremendous. But, the crowd farted at this match. The Freddie Mercury chick was getting boo'd even before she was doing heel stuff. Might be time to look domestically for some talent. Right now, the women's division is the weak link of AEW for sure.
- MJF is filthy and I love it. I don't like Hangman Page taking so many losses but MJF is a star and will get over gigantic with more air time.
- DDP is the man at 63.
- Best Friends beat the Lucha Brothers with the Lucha Brothers' biggest fan, Miguel from or whatever the f*** on commentary. What was that all about? Lets not make that a regular thing, OK?
- The Dustin segment felt like I was watching it at the wrong speed. Very rushed. But, that shattered dreams spot was worth it. I must admit, I was expecting Cody and Dustin to teak up in a feud against the new team that attacked Cody. as a distraction feud before we finally get the Cody/MJF payoff.
- Scorpio Sky held his own against Chris Jericho. I mean, Scorpio is considered the young guy in SCU but he's no rookie either. I think he's proven his worth. Incredible. Great match.
- The prospect of Moxley and Jericho is good. Logically, the top 4 guys in AEW singles action are Cody, Omega, Moxley, and Jericho. So, it would make sense Moxley would be up next. I don't see Jericho dropping the belt yet, though. So, it does make me wonder what would be next AFTER Moxley.

Overall, I liked Dynamite. It had its flaws logically as mentioned. But, generally, I thought it was a fun show and the Chicago crowd brought it except for farting on Oriental Freddie Mercury and the ESL Women's Tag Team Class.