Tessa Blanchardís Promo About The Sandman and Women Main Eventing Now Online

Posted By James Walsh on 12/02/19

As we previously reported, Jordynne Grace claimed on Twitter that ECW alumnus The Sandman came up to her, Tessa Blanchard, Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie at the Wrestlecade Supershow to say that women should not main event wrestling shows. This sparked a lot of comments on the internet, many of them derogatory towards the Sandman. It had also been reported that Tessa Blanchard gave a speech on the incident at the event, responding directly to Sandman without mentioning him by name. The video of that speech is now online.

She said: ďI was in the back earlier tonight and I had to listen to an old ECW guy that used to have a beer in his hand, talk about how Ďwomen shouldnít be main eventing this event or any event.í Not because he didnít have faith in these women, but because he didnít have faith in you fans. Itís 2020 and I think thatís a crock of horseshit. The women in this ring right now, are some of the best womenís wrestlers ó no, they are some of the best wrestlers in this business. Youíre looking at women who have traveled the world and held notable titles in notable companies all over the entire world. I canít think of anybody better to main event.Ē