Brandi Rhodes Apologizes to Exhibit... I mean Excalibur

Posted By James Walsh on 01/11/20

After antagonizing him on commentary during this past week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Brandi Rhodes apologized to Excalibur on Twitter. While he thought the timing was suspect, he accepted her apology.

Brandi wrote: “I’d like to issue a formal apology to the commentator I called Xzibit this week. I knew what I was doing and it wasn’t very nice. As a former interviewer and announcer, I am better than taking cheap shots as such. I’m very sorry. It won’t happen again, Expedition.”

Excalibur replied: “Thank you Brandi. Interesting that this came right after that email we all got from HR, but I’ll chalk that up to coincidence.”

She said: “Oh THATS your name! Gee whiz…I think I’ve got it now.”