Marty Scurll Signs New ROH Contract - Becomes Head Booker

Posted By James Walsh on 01/12/20

PWInsider reports that according to multiple sources that Marty Scurll has signed a new contract with Ring of Honor (ROH). His previous contract expired at the end of November. The terms of the contract are unknown, but it’s believed to be at least a two-year deal with the promotion.

A previous report indicated that the deal would offer Scurll “WWE main roster money” and some “unique perks.” Additionally, PWInsider notes that Scurll is taking the lead on booking duties for ROH. Hunter Johnston, aka Delirious, is said to still be working with the company in a creative role, and he will work with Scurll. However, Scurll is taking the lead creative role for ROH, and Johnston will work alongside him.

Scurll’s booking role includes last night’s Saturday Night at Center Stage event in Atlanta, Georgia. He was reportedly “heavily involved” with all aspects of the card behind the scenes. The upcoming free event that’s scheduled for February 9 is also said to be a Scurll idea.

The new deal will allow Scurll to continue appearing in NWA. The storyline continued at last night’s ROH event in Atlanta, and NWA also tapes its TV show there. The PWInsider report did not mention if the contract will allow Scurll to appear in NJPW and AEW.

At 31 years old, Scurll is probably one of the bigger, hotter free agents ROH could’ve secured. So, this is very good news for the company that The Villain will be staying under their banner. Additionally, it looks like Scurll is going to take a more hands-on role with the product. How that pans out remains to be seen.

Marty Scurll is scheduled to be in action at ROH Honor Reigns Supreme tonight. Villain Enterprises will face La Faction Ingobernable in a six-man tag title match. The event will be held in Concord, North Carolina.