Tessa Blanchard Speaks After World Title Win - References "Bully" and "Racist" Claims

Posted By James Walsh on 01/13/20

Tessa Blanchard spoke following Impact Hard to Kill in what appeared to be an indirect statement about the allegations against her of bullying and racial slur usage. The new Impact World Champion addressed the live crowd after the show went off the air, and video of the moment is online. You can see it below courtesy of Voices of Wrestling.

After the crowd’s “You Deserve It” chant died down, Blanchard said, “Over the past eight months this has been my life. Sami and oVe has been the thorn in my side, and tonight we did it. Nobody, nobody in this life is perfect. We’re all human. And it doesn’t matter what you say about me it doesn’t matter what you call me. I have one of the strongest minds that I’ve ever known. So, whenever you come for me, you come for all of these people. I am now the standard bearer of Impact Wrestling. And man or woman, pound for pound, I am one of the best in the world and I am now your World Champion!”

Tessa Blanchard did not speak as scheduled during the media day yesterday for Hard to Kill. She is facing claims that she spat in the face of Black Rose while in Japan and used a racial slur toward her, as well as accusations by Chelsea Green, Priscilla Kelly and others that she has bullied them. Blanchard said on Twitter that the claims were “not true.”