Impact Injury Update: Cage Has Torn Bicep, Swann's Ankle Legit, Madman Fulton, more

Posted By James Walsh on 01/13/20

– Brian Cage’s non-match against Rob Van Dam was due to an injury, according to a new report. PWInsider reports that Cage had a torn bicep, which was why he was written out. There was a report that Cage signed with AEW but his wife Melissa Santos has denied that.

– A number of injuries and illnesses plagued the show. Madman Fulton suffered a shoulder injury during his match with Ken Shamrock, suffered at the end of the match. In addition, Ace Austin said he may have hurt his eardrum,. and Rich Swann had his his foot and ankle wrapped up to below the knee at the show and was on crutches.

Several members of the behind-the-scenes crew were dealing with illness as well.