Being the Elite Recap: Hangman Page Alienates His Friends, Brandon Cutler Deals With Losing Streak

Posted By James Walsh on 02/10/20

A new edition of Being the Elite is now online, which features a heavy focus on Hangman Adam Page and Brandon Cutler, among others. Here’s a recap:

– Matt Jackson makes coffee for Nick and Brandon Cutler. Neither enjoy it, but Matt thinks he should open his own coffee shop anyway.

– Footage of the Young Bucks in Alabama.

– Scorpio Sky talks to Kip Sabian about the Super Bowl, then steals Kazarian’s “Do Ya?” catchphrase. Kazarian shows him how it’s done. Christopher Daniels arrives to talk strategy but Kazarian says he can’t, still bothered by finding a Dark Order mask in Daniels’ bag last week.

– “Arthur” and “Trevor” argue about Orange Cassidy, who doesn’t respond.

– Sammy Guevara talks with Cutler about his losing streak, then offers to take him to an advisor. They meet Benigno Bodega (Alex Abrahantes), who asks if Cutler has a valid credit card before telling him he’ll lose his next match. Footage is then shown of a child beating Cutler after recent AEW tapings.

– Nick does more magic as the Merch Freak, turning bottles into t-shirts.

– Clips of The Elite entering their match last week, and alternate footage of the Young Bucks yelling at Page. Matt wonders what the big deal about beer is, giving it a smell and taste test before deciding he hates it.

– Page asks the Best Friends where Private Party is, as they told him to wait up. He throws down money and says the team doesn’t deserve it, but Best Friends don’t get the reference (AEW graphics said he owed Private Party $12). Trent doesn’t seem to know who Private Party is. Trent tries to stop hanging out with the Best Friends but Orange Cassidy stops him.

– Footage of the Bucks taking Cody backstage after he received ten lashes from MJF. They’re then seen entering Tony Khan’s office.