More on Matt Hardy's Probable Farewell to WWE

Posted By James Walsh on 02/11/20

– As previously reported, Matt Hardy suffered an onscreen attack by Randy Orton during last night’s Raw. After the show, Hardy shared a “Goodbye” message on his Twitter account, seemingly teasing his latest WWE exit. Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that WWE sources indicate last night’s angle was done in order to write Matt Hardy off of WWE programming.

The report also notes that Hardy’s current WWE contract expires in March. During Monday Night Raw, Hardy came out to ask Orton why he attacked Edge. Orton then attacked Hardy and gave him a one-man Con-Chair-To.

Additionally, WWE released some “unaired footage” of the aftermath of Orton’s attack. The footage shows ringside officials helping Hardy get out of the ring and walk to the back that took place during the commercial break of last night’s broadcast. You can check out those clips below.