Dark Order's Evil Uno Teases Matt Hardy Going to AEW

Posted By James Walsh on 02/11/20

If Matt Hardy is indeed on his way out of WWE, it looks like the Dark Order may be happy to have him. As reported earlier, Hardy’s attack at the hands of Randy Orton on last night’s Raw was a way to write him off of TV with his contract expiry looming at the beginning of March. Hardy took to Twitter after the attack to Tweet simply “Goodbye”:

Matt Hardy in LIMBO

GOODBYE. https://youtu.be/3If7SxljC48

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8:46 PM - Feb 10, 2020
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Cut to today, and Evil Uno of the Dark Order looks to be referencing said tweet with one of his own. Uno posted to Twitter with a picture of the AEW stable, captioned, “You say goodbye and I say hello.” The Order has been teasing a mysterious leader, the “Exalted One,” for months. It must obviously be noted that there’s nothing concrete suggesting that Hardy may jump to AEW, and he is still reportedly in talks with WWE about a new contract:


You say goodbye and I say hello