Cody Rhodes Discusses if AEW Will Add an Additional Singles Title

Posted By James Walsh on 02/12/20

In an interview with Dave Meltzer and Wrestling Observer Radio, Cody Rhodes discussed AEW possibly adding another title, as well as how far in advance they map things out. Highlights are below.

On AEW possibly adding another title: ďIíve kind of gone on the record with it, I hate the term mid-card, I get what it means though, I get what people mean when theyíre saying it. Everythingís a first with AEW, and weíre moving slowly in certain areas and weíre moving rocket speed in other areas. Again, you gotta talk to Tony, because itís an idea, obviously, thatís on the table. But what do you do first? And Iím just kinda throwing this out there for fans to kind of put in their mind. What do you do first? Do you do a womenís tag title first? Or do you do a title thatís not unlike the television title? These are real questions. I think we have an idea thatís different than anything thatís been done, and I would just hope that everybody remains patient and their kind of yearning or lust for that type of belt, championship, will be satiated in 2020. Again, Iím not saying thereís a mid-card title.Ē

On how far AEW is mapping things out: ďIíd say, not a full year, but maybe six months. Not everybody likes to talk about six months, itís not the conversation that, everybody wants to talk about now and this week, but I think of the keys to what we do is gonna be to have an advance plan. And to be honest, some stuff we do have kind of a thought process on in one year, what does this look like? For example, Double or Nothing, not this year, what will Double or Nothing look like next year? So I think we have to stay to that. And we havenít had any signs that we wonít be able to accomplish that. With the weekly show, weíve kept it at six months at minimum, for certain stuff. There are certain guys that flow a little more improvisationally, and move maybe, they got four weeks mapped out. Then there are guys like Jericho and myself, I guess, I got it mapped out pretty far in advance.Ē