Nyla Rose Weighs In on Criticism of Her as a Transgender Being Women's Champion

Posted By James Walsh on 02/13/20

Nyla Rose is the new AEW Women’s Champion after this week’s Dynamite, and both Rose and Jim Ross have responded to criticism sent their way over the title change and how it went down. Rose took to Twitter to fire back at a Twitter user who said they were done watching AEW because they “shouldn’t have a transwoman as a women’s champion it’s not right and it’s not fair. [Rose] should [be] wrestling men or no one.”

Meanwhile, JR replied to a couple of fans who pointed out that that he called Rose the “King of the Mountain,” clarifying that it was a slip of the tongue and not an intentional misgendering. He also said that his “See you Monday in Atlanta” as opposed to saying Wednesday was “human error”:

Brandon Moore
· Feb 12, 2020
Well I'm donw with @AEWrestling shouldn't have a transwoman as a women's champion it's not right and it's not fair. @NylaRoseBeast should he wrestling men or no one.


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