Nyla Rose Does Interview with Chris Jericho

Posted By James Walsh on 02/23/20

AEW womenís champion Nyla Rose was the most recent guest on the Talk is Jericho podcast to talk all things pro-wrestling. Highlights are below.

How she got into wrestling:

My grandmaÖshe used to talk about going down to the armory and watching Haystacks Calhoun, and she would name all these names and Iím like ĎWho?í But she brought me up on it in the golden era and I grew up as a fan in Washington, D.C., on Mount Pleasant. I grew up as a fan, watching, every Monday night, you know, glued to my television, and then we got the Thursday night shows and just wrestling consumed my soul. Eventually, there was a wrestling school in Manassas, Virginia, and I went and checked it out, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Embracing her identity:

Iíve been through so much, Iíve dealt with so much, itís just like, Iím here, Iím doing this, Iím here for me. I canít worry about what other people are hung up on. If theyíre sour on something in their life, and using me as a punching bag, which is what it is a lot of times, I get that. It sucks, please stop doing that, but I get it. But I canít be hung up on that.

How her character has been booked:

Itís a classic story, but itís a good story. And, wrestling being what it is, you ever know the outcome. Even if you think you know the outcome, thereís a screwy curveball coming and anything can happen. Look at the first AEW womenís match. Everybody thought they knew what was gonna happen, me vs, Riho, but that plucky, scrappy Riho somehow got out from under me. And I didnít think she was gonna get my big a** off the top rope, but that knocked the wind out of me. She got me.