JBL Shares Story about Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle Having Real Life Fight

Posted By James Walsh on 03/24/20

JBL posted a funny story to Twitter about Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle getting into a fight backstage, and how Guerrero tried to leg dive Angle who, of course, was an Olympic Gold Medal-winning wrestler. The story is below.

On how he would always sit near Eddie Guerrero in the locker room because he enjoyed talking to Eddie: “I was sitting like this in a dressing room one time all by myself. And back in the day, WWE usually had communal locker rooms, so you’d really dress near guys you wanted to talk to because a lot of guys were friends, that’s where the cliques developed, from that. And I’d always sit near Eddie Guerrero, enjoyed talking with Eddie, BSing with Eddie.”

On how Eddie and Kurt Angle got into a physical fight backstage and Eddie ended up in the locker room next to him (JBL): “And I’m in the dressing room on this day and Eddie is in the ring with Kurt Angle and I’m in the dressing room completely by myself. Well, apparently something happened in that match. And as they come back, Eddie and Kurt get into a physical fight. Eddie leg dives an Olympic Gold Medalist. Now, Kurt Angle was not good in high school, he was not really good in college, he was the best in the world. Out of 8.5 billion people, he was the Gold Medalist. You might have a chance punching Kurt, hit him with something, don’t leg dive an Olympic Gold Medalist. So, as they come back down the hall, I can hear this whole fight going on and I’m the only one in the dressing room and as they get back to the dressing room door, Eddie’s on this side of the door, Kurt’s on the other side of the door, John Laurinaites, head of talent relations, shuts the door and leaves Eddie on this side of the door with only me in this big dressing room.”

On asking Eddie why he would leg dive Angle and what Eddie said: “Eddie comes back, doesn’t even look at me, sits right beside me and he’s staring at the door and he’s breathing so loud you can hear him breath. And I looked at him and he’s still looking at the door, I looked at him and he’s looking at the door, and I said, ‘Eddie, why would you leg dive a Gold Medalist?’ And he says, ‘Because I’m stupid!’ That’s my pal, Eddie. Love Eddie.”

Update from my man cave with a story about a real backstage fight between two good friends Eddie Guerrero and ⁦@RealKurtAngle⁩ pic.twitter.com/ITHDwtSd9B

— John Layfield (@JCLayfield) March 22, 2020

Easy, because I heard all the yelling going back and forth and it was easy to figure out what happened. Guys were explaining to others what happened as they made their way to dressing room.

— John Layfield (