Daily Show Mocks Ridiculousness of WWE Being an "Essential Business"

Posted By James Walsh on 04/15/20

In equally surprising and funny news, The Daily Show is still on the air?

After the state of Florida designated WWE as an “essential business” last week, opening the door for them to resume live TV broadcasts from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, The Daily Show made fun of the news.

Host Trevor Noah included a bit about WWE during a segment where he talked about how the storylines in WWE have gotten weird during the coronavirus pandemic. He then cut to a clip of him pretending to be a wrestler, cutting a promo on Triple H for touching his face and not washing his hands before threatening that he’s “gonna flatten your curve!” He then cut to another clip of “WWE negotiating with the Governor” which was an old clip of The Shield breaking up after Seth Rollins turned on Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns as Randy Orton and Triple H watched, only with Florida Governor DeSantis’ face in place of Ambrose’s as Rollins hit him with a chair.

Check out the clip below (WWE bit begins at 2:12 mark).