Martha Hart Explains Why Owen Hart Is Not in the WWE Hall of Fame

Posted By James Walsh on 05/19/20

Martha Hart explained her reasons for refusing to give her blessing to induct Owen Hart into the WWE Hall of Fame in a new interview. Martha spoke with Forbes promoting tonightís Dark Side of the Ring episode on her late husband and said, ďI would never let a company I held responsible for Owenís death try to honor him, especially with a fake Hall of Fame that doesnít even really exist.Ē

Martha continued, ďAnd thereís not even a hallway of fame. Itís not real. It doesnít exist. Thereís no place you can go and visit and itís there. Itís just all made up and make-believe and itís all done for the sole purpose of making money because they just have a show where they have a celebration and, you know, itís just absurd.Ē

Martha has always maintained that WWE is directly culpable in Owenís death at Over the Edge 1999, saying in another interview this week:

ďProper riggers have a few things they would never do. First, they would never do a stunt without redundancy. That didnít happen; there was no redundancy. Second, they never, ever, let the talent have any control into the stunt. These guys were telling Owen, ĎThis cord taped here, donít pull it until you get to the ground.í That would never happen; proper riggers donít rig things this way. The other thing is, WWE is a billion-dollar company. Owen never questioned his safety. He thought for sure they were hiring people that knew what they were doing. He was putting his life in their hands, and they didnít care. They didnít have any regard for Owenís life whatsoever. They went outside of qualified riggers that had good experience.Ē