Lance Archer Says Signing with AEW Was a Chance to Come Home

Posted By James Walsh on 05/20/20

Bleacher Report and Jonathan Snowden recently interviewed AEW star Lance Archer. Archer faces Cody Rhodes in the finals of the TNT Championship Tournament later this weekend at Double or Nothing 2020. Below are some highlights.

Archer on joining AEW: “Everything felt right. The opportunity that was being presented with a company like AEW that was just too good to pass up, man. There were too many cool things coming at me at the exact same time. It’s an opportunity to come home. An opportunity to be on TV in the United States of America. I hadn’t done that on a regular basis in over 10 years. The opportunity to be in front of the U.S. fans and my family, my friends on a consistent basis, along with just the opportunity to be in there with so many different guys that I’ve never even touched the ring with.”

Lance Archer on guys he wants to wrestle in AEW: “I worked with Kenny Omega in Japan. But we never wrestled each other. Sammy Guevara in Texas many years—never wrestled each other. Brodie Lee now at AEW. Never wrestled each other. I’ve wrestled Mox once. And that was in Japan. So I’d love to recreate that in the States. Cody and I have never wrestled each other. And we’re going to do that on the 23rd at Double or Nothing. There’s so many cool opportunities that kind of came my way all at the time. Family, friends, my faith, were all pointing in the direction of AEW. Here I am kicking ass.”

On having the first G1 Climax match ever in the United States: “My family were there. And they were like five rows back. You could see them from the ring. And my little nieces, they’d seen me wrestle before but when they were younger. Now they’re actually old enough to kind of see what’s going on and enjoy the environment. For me, to be the first G1 match ever in the United States was a really cool experience. And Will Ospreay and I, I think, went out there and tore the house down. People didn’t know what to expect of me. That first match there in Dallas for the G1 was the first time they’d really seen me work as a singles competitor in a really long time. This was kind of a coming-out party. I took it as an opportunity to really kind of reinvent myself. And really start the journey that is The Murderhawk Monster. That G1 in Dallas was kind of where that first step was taken.”