Eric Bischoff Claims He Told Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone to Get Into It During the 1998 NBA Playoffs

Posted By James Walsh on 05/20/20

– TMZ Sports spoke to former WCW President Eric Bischoff, who claimed that an incident between Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone at the 1998 NBA Playoffs was done as a way to promote their WCW wrestling match. You can see a video of Bischoff addressing the matter below.

The incident took place at Game 6 of the NBA finals featuring the Chicago Bulls vs. Utah Jazz. You can also see that footage from the game below. According to Bischoff, he reportedly encouraged Rodman to provoke Malone in the games.

Bischoff stated, “Now, what I said to Dennis, not to Karl was, ‘Hey Dennis, if anything were to happen off court while there’s a timeout, while there’s no gameplay … so that the feud between Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman is real, on a kind of a 360-degree basis, not just what happens on our TV show,’ that wouldn’t piss me off at all.”

He added on the incident, “I chuckled like a little kid because it accomplished so much.” Bischoff continued, “As a wrestling producer, to be able to create a moment … that played out on a platform so huge as the NBA playoffs was really satisfying.”

Bischoff was also asked about the segment on the ESPN docuseries, Last Dance, where it was addressed when Rodman skipped on basketball practice with the Bulls between Games 3 and 4 in order to appear on WCW Nitro. Bischoff stated on the matter, “I certainly didn’t expect Dennis to skip practice and participate in Nitro. That decision was all Dennis.”

Ultimately, Hollywood Hogan teamed with Dennis Rodman against Karl Malone and Diamond Dallas Page at the 1998 Bash at the Beach event. Hogan and Rodman won the match.