Inner Circle Send Message to the Elite in Social Media Exclusive Video

Posted By James Walsh on 05/21/20

AEW has posted a new video in which Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle send a message to the Elite ahead of their Stadium Stampede match at Double or Nothing on Saturday.

Jericho said: “Nice surprise. Matt and Nick Jackson, out of their holes, back in AEW for the first time in two months. And then you’ve got Hangman Page with berry stains all over his fingers, attacking us from behind, beer belly blazing in the wind. Look at this man! [points to Jake Hager] Look at how ripped he is! You wait and see what happens when it’s fair and square on Saturday at the Stadium Stampede. None of this behind-the-back, grab-ass bullshit! It’s now the Inner Circle vs. The Elite, 5-on-5. No more dirty tricks, Elite, you sons of bitches! We’ll see you Saturday and you’re not gonna like what happens.”