Nikki Bella Discusses John Cena Break Up

Posted By James Walsh on 05/21/20

During a recent interview with Maria Menounos, Nikki Bella discussed her and Brieís new book release, Incomparable. During the interview, Nikki discussed her breakup with WWE Superstar John Cena and why things didnít work out. Nikki Bella spoke about wanting kids and not wanting to ďforceĒ Cena into having kids he didnít really want. Below are some highlights and a video of the interview:

Nikki Bella on why their relationship fell apart: ďWith John, though, it wasnít even like there was anything bad written. So, that like ó to me, I know when people hear that side, it was more beautiful things that were like taken out or a few struggling things, but like my own inner struggle because, I do have to say, overall, we did have such an incredible relationship. It was just two people who wanted two different lives but were trying so hard to make it one. Even in the end, when he was willing to give me kids, I could just tell, itís not what he wanted. And thatís really what pushed me in the end, itís like, ĎIím gonna force someone to be a father?í What if ó Iíll never forget. I think it was my life coach who said, ĎWhat if he looks at you down the road and just regrets everything? And you just have this child and youíve built this life. Is that what you want?í And I remember thinking like, ĎItís not what I want.í I donít want to force someone to change if thatís what they donít want to do. I want someone to like come to me and be like, ĎI want to have a kid with you. I canít wait.í Like, even now being with Artem [Chigvintsev], how he looks at me, knowing that Iím like bringing this child in the world and weíre growing a family, like you crave that from someone. And I was pushing it on someone.Ē

Nikki Bella on a John Cena sex story that was taken out of her book: ďIt was just those moments, but I remember I was just shocked with certain beautiful things that were taken out [of the book], and I was like ó there was one sex story that I understood, which is great for him. So thatís why itís kind of like, ĎDonít you want high fives on that?í But I get it. Ö We were wild, and heís strong. So, it was a great story, but it was like, he was so private, and I came into his life and he opened it up. And thatís what always like made me feel bad was like, Iím not that person. Itís the same with Artem. Like, Iíll just say stuff to Brie in front of him, and heís like, ĎDid you just say that?í ĎI donít have a filter. I donít know what to tell you. You donít want me any other way. Iíll explode.í But WWE was funny. There was a few stories that they took out, out of protection, butÖĒ