Taynara Conti Wants to Go to Japan

Posted By James Walsh on 05/21/20

NXT alumna Taynara Conti discussed the idea of wrestling in Japan and more in a new interview with Sportskeeda. You can check out some highlights below:

On the highlights of her WWE run: ďLetís see. I thinkÖ Of course, the most important moment that I will have forever with me is the WrestleMania moment. I never thought it would be so soon. I know that was like a pre-show or whatever but I was in a WrestleMania ring, you know. How many people can say that? Not much! Itís a dream, pretty much. Of course, that was never my dream before because I never watched wrestling before but, since I stepped my foot in the PC and in WWE, I was like, ďI need to be better, I need to be bigger,Ē because thatís how I am. I was born to do my best. I was like, ďYeah, I want to be there.Ē And when I got the call, last minute, they told me, and I was like, so excited, so happy. That was, of course, the most important moment for me there.Ē

On where she would like to go now: ďYeah, I will be in the wrestling business for sure. I have a bigÖ Like, BIG dream to go to Japan. I really want to wrestle in Japan. I donít know when itís going to happen, I donít know how, but I will make it happen. You know, because that is a big step for me. But I want to do it all, you know, ícause I donít know anything about wrestling outside of the WWE. Everything is so new for me, so Iím excited. I want to learn, I want to live everything. All the companies, I want to know everything. I want to meet new people. I want to wrestle with new people and learn from them. Iím just so excited. Iím not sure about my next step but Iím sure that I will do my best.Ē

On her best friends in WWE: ďWell, I have a couple of people I will keep in touch with for sure but, like, Nikki [Cross] has my heart. Nikki is different. Nikki and Raul Mendoza. They are likeÖ I have no words for them. Since day one, Nikki was so helpful and I had, like, my first matches against her, so sheís so special. She always helps me with everything. Iím so thankful to have her, to have Raul, Raulís always in my house, weíre always together. I really like a lot of people there, but those two are like my bestest friends there!Ē

On what sheís most excited about from here: ďJapan. Japan, for sure. I donít even need to think. Itís like, itís one thing that I will do for sure. Itís something that came before WWE. Itís something from my passion for judo. Iíve had this dream since, I donít know, since I was eight, nine, so itís something bigger than everything else. You know, I need to do it. I want to be able to go there, to learn, to have matches, so Iím so excited for that.Ē