WWE Not Wanting Talent to Talk about COVID-19

Posted By James Walsh on 06/26/20

According to a new report a member of WWE’s developmental talent roster has stated that they are not being allowed to discuss positive COVID-19 results. Wrestling Inc has communicated with someone that they say is a developmental talent who has spoken on condition of anonymity. This person says that talent relations have informed then that they cannot discuss their illness with anyone outside of those they live with that may need to know.

The person in question says that they are explicitly forbidden from discussing the situation with anyone else, or to make public statements regarding the situation. WWE has said that they will take care of all medical treatments should they be needed, as well as all public relations communications about the tests. It was added that “only those that needed to know about our condition would know as HIPPA laws would prevent them from making our names public.”

This person corroborates reports that WWE producer Kevin Dunn was not allowing people to wear masks, noting that they “made a scene twice over the PA” not to wear masks. WWE has issued a statement about face masks which read:

Fans have not been in attendance at WWE events since March 13. Yesterday, a select number of friends and family were permitted to attend WWE’s TV production. ‘

These individuals were required to participate in medical screenings prior to entering the closed set at our training facility, and were kept apart from in-ring performers and production personnel. Attendance was below 20% capacity and social distancing guidelines were adhered to with at least six feet between parties, thus face masks were not required.

The source adds that the questionnaire that those at tapings are asked to fill out asks if talent have done anything to put themselves at risk for COVID-19 such as attending large gatherings or not wearing masks when it is suggested to do so, and pointed out that several talent who have shared pictures of themselves at beaches, amusement parks, and parties in Florida are still competing.

WWE talent in the crowd at today’s Smackdown taping are reportedly wearing masks.