WWE Eyeing More Open Locations to Hold Live Events with a Crowd

Posted By James Walsh on 06/26/20

WWE is making plans to hold WWE shows outside of the Performance Center with actual fans in attendance, according to a new report. Fightful Select reports that WWE has been in the planning stage to run venues involving fans that would have social distancing rules implemented.

One of sites listed as a likely location is the RP Funding Center in Lakeland, about an hour away from Orlando where the PC is. The plans were for a possible weekend taping in July, but there have been rumors backstage that there may be a delay in this. The COVID-19 era has seen some delays become necessary and that could happen here.

The report also notes that, of course, the fact that there are plans now does not mean that WWE canít or wonít end up implementing things differently as matters change. WWE responded to the siteís request for comment to say that the information is not accurate but did not offer further clarification.