WWE Cancels RAW Taping Today - SmackDown Still a Go

Posted By James Walsh on 06/26/20

POST Wrestling’s John Pollock reports that the WWE has decided to cancel today’s planned RAW taping at the Performance Center in Orlando. However, the taping for tonight’s episode of Smackdown is currently underway. However, the RAW taping is expected to happen tomorrow instead.

WWE was hit with the news of multiple positive COVID-19 tests this week, and there were reports that Smackdown had to be rewritten as a result. Tonight’s episode is expected to focus heavily on a tribute to the Undertaker, complete with an airing of the Boneyard Match vs. AJ Styles from Wrestlemania. It’s unknown if the originally announced content (such as an Intercontinental title match between Drew Gulak and AJ Styles) will proceed as planned.