Low Ki A "No Masker", Says They are bad for You and This is "Fear Division"

Posted By James Walsh on 06/27/20

MLW wrestler Low Ki released a statement on his Twitter account, sharing his thoughts on wearing a mask, taking a vaccine, or social distancing during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Initially Low Ki wrote the following:

“Respect is a two-way street. I respect your right to remain ignorant, be ruled by fear and not by logic or intelligence, wear a mask, ‘social distance’ that ultimately harms your health now and, in the future, provided I do not pay for your bad decisions. I respect my own health enough to expose my immune system to the world by shaking hands and embracing people as we have for thousands of years to build our immune systems to fight against disease now and in the future. You have zero right to tell me that I must wear a mask, take a vaccine, or ‘social distance’ from others who also choose no to do these things. Life is about choices and in the information age, ignorance is a choice. I choose not to be ignorant.”

Later on, a Twitter user asked why he wouldn’t wear a mask to help protect others who might not have as strong of an immune system to fight off the coronavirus. He wrote in response, “Not a DR. Mask application = reduced oxygen intake. O2 reduction = Hypoxia / hypoxemia. Intentionally reduce oxygen, potentially further illness, social fear & confirmation bias, as a virtue signal? Logical, not emotional. Learn how to operate the beautiful machine you have.”

Later on, another user asked Low Ki why those who wear a mask are considered ignorant. Low Ki later replied, “‘Ignorant’ associates with a negative connotation, initially drawing ego protection by individual self preservation for lack of understanding threat. Does not indicate favor of, nor against. Many want their beliefs confirmed by others & attack when not affirmed. Stand alone >>> Information has been clouded purposefully for this fear division amongst the people perspectives. Vulnerable must be protected intelligently, not emotionally. Emotion has been promoted moreso than intelligence to create divide. Same trap. Different day.”