Ace Austin Discusses His New Role at the Top of Impact Wrestling

Posted By James Walsh on 06/27/20

Sportskeeda and Darren Paltrowitz recently interviewed Impact Wrestling talent Ace Austin. Below are some highlights.

Ace Austin on his work ethic: ďI didnít work so hard from the time that I was so young to not be where Iím at right now. This was always the goal, and how fast I got here was nothing but a testament to my work ethic, my raw talent, the raw potential that I possess, so I canít say that Iím surprised. This is where Iím supposed to be. Thatís why Iíve been using the hashtag Ď#Inevitableí a lot lately. I think Iíd like to add that to my moniker, I am ĎThe Inevitableí Ace Austin.Ē

Ace Austin on his unique presentation: ďIíve always been big on presentation. Itís something that I was taught, and innately, it was something I kind of knew. I was big into musical theater when I was in high school and stage presence is something we talked about a lot. Being able to draw attention to you and be the most important person in the room. I knew that I had to do something with this staff to encompass that. Now, working as a young man on the independent level, when youíre working these shows in gyms and VFW halls, thereís not going to be pyro. Thereís almost never gonna be smoke, nothing like that. So I decided to create my own sense of pyro. Thatís where the staff comes in. Itís something that you canít look away from, itís something that no oneís ever seen before, and it was a combination of what I used to do for my entrance ó the one-handed cartwheel thing ó when I was in high school I used to do that one-handed cartwheel all the time when I was on stage or anything like that.Ē