Kevin Owens Asks Fans to Wear Masks

Posted By James Walsh on 06/29/20

In a post to Twitter, Kevin Owens, whose wife lost her grandfather to COVID-19, asked fans to please wear masks and practice social distancing. Barring that, he said that those who donít wear masks should at least respect and not mock those who do.

He said: ďA little over a month ago, my wife lost her grandfather to COVID-19 and it was awful to see it happen. He was a sweet, kind man. And while he was elderly, he was still taken too soon from us because if it wasnít for this virus, heíd still be here. Seeing her go through that, seeing her family go through it, that was just so terrible. We had to watch his funeral on Zoom, we had to see the effect it had on her mother, my mother in-law who wasnít even able to give her dad a proper goodbye. It was just really awful.

And that story is just one story among thousands like it of people who have lost loved ones in a really tragic way, and experienced really awful pain when it could have been avoided. Today is my mother-in-lawís birthday, so I figured it was a good time to send this message out. Please, if youíre going to go out in public, wear a mask. Keep social distancing. Itís not over. It could make a huge difference. And if youíre gonna choose not to do those things, please, please have the decency not to admonish, belittle, and talk down to people who take those steps. Iíve seen a lot of that lately and itís kind of sickening. Just because you decide to trust a source of information over another does not make you smarter, or more qualified, or better than anyone.

You know, at worst, wearing a mask and social distancing does nothing. At best, it helps saves lives. While at worst, making fun of people wearing a mask, and not wearing a mask yourself, and telling people not to wear a mask can help spread this disease and make things worse. And at best, if youíre doing that and belittling people and calling them ignorant for wearing masks, at best, youíre making fun of people who are trying to do what they think is best for their community. So, letís try to remember that. Letís not think weíre better than anyone else and letís take care of each other, letís help each other out. And everybody, take care. Thank you.Ē