Hangman Adam Cole Says He Almost Joined the Dark Order on Being the Elite

Posted By James Walsh on 06/29/20

A new episode of Being the Elite is now available, featuring Hangman Page meeting Brodie Lee and says that he almost signed up for the Dark Order. Here is a recap:

* Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Hangman Page and Brandon Cutler are hanging out. Omega asks about catering but Matt says it’s terrible. The group then starts singing the Chili’s baby back ribs song. Page doesn’t at first but eventually joins in. They try again but Page starts laughing.

* Cutler and the Bucks are in the ring. Cutler finds out he’s teaming with Peter Avalon against the Young Bucks. He tries to get out of it but it doesn’t work.

* Matt and Luchasaurus have a claw machine contest and Luchasaurus fails.

* The Bucks do a commercial for the AEW action figure line. Omega and Page also appear.

* Matt notices that Nick has a bandaid on his forehead, and he says he bladed to get through airport traffic quicker.

* Omega and Cutler cut lines of protein powder. Matt almost does it, but says he’s Christian so won’t do any performance enhancing drugs. He throws the powder and makes them leave.

* Private Party ask for things in catering but Nick chases them off.

* John Silver and Alex Reynolds try to get Orange Cassidy to join the Dark Order. Reynolds offers him a cup of Kool-Aid, but he slowly pushes it off the counter.

* Page meets up with Brodie Lee. He said he was on the website and almost signed up. Lee says he can still join, but Page is in a better place now. He says he just thought it was a fun story and calls the Dark Order a cult. Lee gets mad and leaves, before going to the Dark Order locker room and throwing papers in the face of Reynolds. He makes Silver pick them up then throws them at his head. He calls Evil Uno and tells him to gather some papers and throw them at his own head.

* Cutler asks Frankie Kazarian why he’s talking in a weird voice, and Kazarian blames Matt Hardy.

* Hardy wishes Nick luck before his match, then says that the soul of Harry Houdini is inside of Nick. He says Houdini was the ultimate carny, then explains what ‘carny’ means. Nick’s ‘Merch Freak’ persona returns.

* The Dark Order think Santana and Ortiz are talking about them in the latest “Speaking Spanglish” (Ordere).

* Colt Cabana comes to the locker room from the beginning of the episode, and there’s a sign saying he’s not allowed. He decides not to ruin their fun.