More on Tessa Blanchard's Impact Contract, She Could Appear Anywhere as There Was No No-Compete Clause

Posted By James Walsh on 06/29/20

As weíve noted, Impact Wrestling recently announced the release of Tessa Blanchard and stripped her of the World Title. Her contract was set to expire on June 30, but Impact made the announcement early and itís been speculated that they did this to send a message.

While itís been reported that Blanchard did not have a non-compete clause in her Impact contract, Fightful Select now reports that there is a non-disparagement clause that is associated with the release.

The non-disparagement clause is often referred to as a ďspeak-no-illĒ policy.

It was also noted that these non-disparagement clauses are the standard in some pro wrestling contracts these days as many of the current NWA contracts are structured the same way.

Thereís still no word yet on what Tessa has planned for the future, but itís been reported that she does have interest from other promotions but who remains to be seen.