AJ Styles Says He Turned Down an Impact Hall of Fame Induction, Bashes Dixie Carter

Posted By James Walsh on 07/27/20

In an Q&A session on his Twitch channel (h/t Fightful), AJ Styles said that he would not accept an IMPACT Hall of Fame induction while under contract to WWE, noting they offered him a spot while he was working for ROH and NJPW and he turned it down. He also said that Dixie Carter ruined TNA. Highlights are below.

On how he wouldnít accept an IMPACT Hall of Fame induction while under WWE contract: ďIt was offered to me but I was working for ROH and NJPW at the time and I said, ĎIím not doing that.í Iím not going to a TNA event when Iím working for someone else, I didnít think it was right, and I was still wrestling. I always think itís weird when people are still wrestling and you want to put them in the Hall of Fame. Wait until they retire. As long as Iím working for WWE, I definitely wouldnít do it. Not saying I wouldnít ever, but if Iím working for another company, Iím not doing it.Ē

On if Dixie Carter ruined IMPACT: ďDo I believe Dixie ruined IMPACT? Well, it was TNA back then, and 100%. IMPACT, there was a time when it was really gaining ground. The problem was, Dixie wanted to be WWE-lite and thatís not what people wanted. They wanted to see something else. All she had to do was let us do what we do, it was really that simple. Had she left it to the writers, I think TNA would still be around and be bigger than what they are, but not knowing whatís best for business, she hurt TNA.Ē