Nick Aldis Fires Back at Bruce Prichard Again, Says Prichard was "Asleep" While Booking TNA

Posted By James Walsh on 07/28/20

On a recent edition of Busted Open Radio, Nick Aldis once again discussed Bruce Prichard’s recent comment that Aldis didn’t have the “It” factor. Aldis responded to that comment on Twitter, saying Prichard’s RAW is getting all-time low RAW ratings. On Busted Open, Aldis doubled down on his comments, again mentioning that Prichard is presiding over record low RAW ratings, adding that he and Prichard spoke on the phone and claimed that he was not talking about Aldis personally, just the Magnus character. Aldis said Prichard is living in the past and noted that TNA drew 1.55 million viewers when he was champion, which is basically what RAW has been drawing lately. Highlights are below.

On he and Bruce speaking on the phone about his comments: “Bruce and I even spoke on the phone, and Bruce claimed that he was, ‘I was talking about the Magnus character, I wasn’t talking about Nick Aldis.’ OK, well, then his team uploaded the video as a separate clip and they had a picture of me with the NWA Title, the same title that Harley Race, and Ric Flair, and Dusty Rhodes held, the same lineage that I’ve busted my ass to rebuild and put into the modern era, and they used my name. So he’s full of shit, is the reality.”

On how Prichard doesn’t know what’s going on in wrestling today: “What he did was he just exposed the fact that he hasn’t been paying attention to anything that’s been going on. Like you said, anyone who has seen any of my shit from the last three years, the one thing, the one consistent thing that comes up with everybody, from Mark Henry to Hall of Famers, Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes, even tippy-top guys in WWE who have texted me privately whose names I won’t mention, all say the same thing, which is, you know what, you have that thing, you present yourself like a real pro-wrestler, like the kind of wrestling that I miss, the kind of wrestling that I thought wasn’t here anymore.”

On how Bruce was asleep when he was running TNA: “It just shows that he hasn’t been paying attention, kind of like when he was running TNA, he wasn’t paying attention, he was asleep. And the reality is, he took a shot, and tried to give some half-baked sort of reason for why he decided to say it and whatnot, said he was going to address it, did not, let it breath, so now he’s getting a receipt, he’s not getting a f***ing receipt, he’s getting a f***ing invoice, is what he is getting.”

On how Bruce lives in the past: “He lives in this past, sort of mentality, where he thinks that because he’s WWE, he can just say whatever about someone and that’s the only thing anyone will hear and that will be the opinion everybody shares. Well, it don’t work like that anymore. Times have changed. People fact check, people can go and present their opposing opinion, and I’ll follow up with facts if he wants to go there.”

On how RAW ratings are now basically where TNA ratings were when Aldis was champion: “By the time Bruce was relieved of his duties in TNA in 2013, he got the viewing figures down to like 1 million people. Well, by the time I had the World Title at the end of that year, and through the start of 2014, we got the average viewing figures back up to 1.3, and peaked at 1.55, which was just shy of 1.561, which was the lowest RAW rating in history, which was the rating that came out the same week that he decided to trash me on his podcast. So I don’t really know. I guess that maybe that little extra bit of rating that RAW got, that must be the ‘It’ factor that I don’t have, because it can’t be that his entire roster doesn’t have that ‘It’ factor. If only I had the ‘It’ factor that those guys have, I could have just got that extra bit of half a f***ing rating.”