Tyler Recks Challenges Everyone to Go Into a Store Without a Mask

Posted By James Walsh on 07/29/20

Well, Low Ki isn't alone!

Tyler Recks, who departed WWE in 2012, is the next star who has had ENOUGH of the forced mask wearing in public. While public opinion polls still support masks by a wide number, more and more people are starting to question the logic of mask wearing. Namely, if the virus is so contageous, why do they have to put a cue tip up your nose and to the back of your head to tell if you have it? And, how exactly does a thin piece of cotton over your mouth protect you from the plague? And, after all, imagine a disease SO DEADLY you have to be tested to find out if you actually have it because you can't tell yourself.

Did we just say we agree with him?

I guess we dod.

Anyway, Mr. Twitter SJW posted a video of Tyler putting out the call to not wear masks. We can't locate the original video. Only this butt-hurt little piss-ant ripping the man for it. Real tough behind a cell phone screen or keyboard but I doubt he would say it to his face.