Deonna Purrazzo Breaks Down In Tears Discussing Winning the Impact Knockouts Title

Posted By James Walsh on 07/30/20

Deonna Purrazzo was interviewed by Madison Rayne and was asked what it means to win the IMPACT Knockouts Championship.

That means everything to me, right? That is what I wanted to do and you're going to make me emotional. I've been holding it all day! That's what I wanted to do for the little girl that wanted to be a wrestler. Come into a company and change the game completely and to put myself on the... I don't want to cry because I just got my make-up done. To put my name on that list with you, with Awesome Kong, with Gail (Kim), this company has seen me grow from that 19-year-old, completely shy, didn't think I was capable or knew what I was getting into girl to the woman here today. I think for me to put my name on that list with all of you guys and establish a legacy here? It's come full circle, my entire life has come full circle tonight and more than a championship, more than playing mind games it's like, this is for me. And it's been a long journey. Yeah, it means everything to me!