Lance Storm Discusses If He'd Ever Return to WWE After His BRIEF Stint Earlier This Year Before COVID-19

Posted By James Walsh on 07/31/20

In an interview with Sportsnet, Lance Storm spoke about being fired from WWE back in April along with several other WWE producers, and if he would go back to the company. Here are highlights:

On gaining the trust of the wrestlers: “I think the talent and I were just getting to the point where we developed a trusting relationship. They trust and respect your opinions, and that you’re looking out for their interests and so forth. There’s a real relationship required for the creative process. A guy like Seth Rollins, I have to earn his trust, and he has to find that relationship with me. I got to (produce) him a lot of times and I think we got there, (but) now you have to sort of start over.”

On working in the US during the COVID-19 pandemic: “My family is not comfortable with me going to the U.S. and coming back and interacting with (other members of) my family, and that is not currently workable with any of the companies’ models. Until it is safe for me to travel to and from the United States without having to quarantine, I won’t be working in the U.S.”

On if he would go back to WWE: “I’m certainly open to the idea (of returning) and was of the impression that that is a possibility. But the border has to open up and (WWE) have to get back to running a full-time schedule with fans and travelling again before they’re going to be in need all of the producers again. I can’t imagine that that’s going to be any time before 2021.”