LuFisto to Release her Autobiography in 2022

Posted By James Walsh on 07/31/20

In an interview with Slam Wrestling, LuFisto announced that she is writing her own autobiography and it will be released by ECW Press in 2022. Here are highlights:

On how the book will talk about intergender wrestling: “One of the things fans are always surprised to hear is that women winning main championships of promotions — World, Heavyweight, etc. — usually reserved to male competitors is not something new. When they research a little bit, they can see that it is not the case. This book will definitely set the record straight on this history of inter-gender wrestling. It has been a long battle to get where we are today.”

On writing her autobiography: “I can’t say that I ever thought I’d be writing my life story. Talking to Michael at ECW really helped put things in perspective, and allowed me to see the bigger picture. My path in wrestling is so unique. Maybe it helped that Michael and I talked about heavy metal music too!”

On co-author Greg Oliver: “Working with Greg made sense on many fronts. I knew him, he knew my career, and he was Canadian. Plus, he has a good knowledge of how the Ontario Athletic Commission (OAC) worked back in the day, which is a major part of my story.”

Well, the cat is out of the bag tonight as @ecwpress and writer @gregmep officially announce that my autobiography will be released!

— LuFisto