"Rusev" Miro Talks About hsi AEW Debut, Praises Tony Khan

Posted By James Walsh on 09/12/20

AEW superstar Miro (fka Rusev in WWE) released a new video on his Youtube channel to talk about his new venture into AEW. Highlights can be found below.

On how the Kip Sabian ďBest ManĒ storyline came about:

They needed a best man and they know that, you know Kip and Penelope are going to get married and congratulations to them, and who has more experience in weddings than this freaking guy? Nobody. Iíve got married 4 times, 2 in the real life, 2 in the fake life. Well, one of them I was a guest, in the last one I was a guest. The previous 3, I was the groom.

Says that Tony Khan has been very communicative since he signed:

Iím definitely excited. Iím just excited I have this opportunity, Iím thankful to Tony Khan that we got in contact. He got in contact, everything was fine. Heís such a good dude, heís such a great owner. Heís very open to talk to in creative and ideas and everything.