Thunder Rosa Discusses her AEW Experience

Posted By James Walsh on 09/14/20

NWA womenís champion Thunder Rosa talked about the creative process in AEW during an appearance on Chris Jerichoís podcast.

Here is what she had to say:

ĒItís very chill. Itís very different from all the companies that I worked before. In Lucha Underground, we had like five different writers, and here, everybodyís kind of like doing their own stories. [Itís] not like thereís a writer, hereís the story, this is what you need to do, this is what you need to convey, and thatís it. Here is completely different.Ē

ďSo, I think here, people are encouraged to use their creativity and pitch it in and see what you can do. And I think thatís a great skill for anybody to have, because if you want to do something different or you want to create your own company, you know how to book stuff, you know how to write the stories and things that will make sense for you or for the fan. So, I think thatís pretty cool.Ē