WWE Monday Night RAW Results for September 14, 2020

Posted By James Walsh on 09/14/20

Dolph Ziggler is on commentary for tonight.

Drew addresses Orton and says he should be happy his head is still attached after those three Claymores. Regarding his own status, Drew says WWE medical told him to take some time off but if he did that, he’d have to give up the WWE Title and he told them no. He said one bad hit and he will have to get his jaw wired shut, but he’d rather leave RAW in an ambulance each week rather than give up his title. He tells Orton to get his nurse at the hospital to turn the volume up so he can hear this… he says it’s only appropriate that the next time they meet at Clash of Champions, someone leaves in an ambulance. He says their match at Clash of Champions should be an Ambulance Match.

Drew goes on taunting some of the recent Claymore victims with a Photoshopped image, including Ziggler, who is on commentary. WWE Producer Adam Pearce interrupts from the stage. He talks about the seriousness of Orton’s status and says Orton may be unable to face Drew in any kind of match. Now Drew’s match with Keith Lee becomes ore than a match between friends for bragging rights. If Lee wins tonight and Orton is unable to face McIntyre, then Lee will be the one to challenge Drew at Clash of Champions. Pearce turns and walks away as Drew wonders who put him in charge. The music hits and out comes Lee to the ring.

Lee and Drew shake hands but there’s some tension between the two. They keep the shake locked in as we go to commercial.

The Street Profits vs. Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro
Dawkins pins Cesaro with a frog splash after he superplexes Ford for the win.

Winners: The Street Profits

After the match, the music hits as Ford and Dawkins stand tall and raise their titles in the air. We go to replays. The Profits continue celebrating as Ziggler tells Cesaro and Nakamura that they got out-classed on RAW tonight.

– Cole leads us to a video package on Mickie James ahead of tonight’s title shot from Asuka. The announcers hype the title match.

– Lana is backstage with Angel Garza. She can’t believe Mickie James already has a title shot when it should be Natalya. She goes on praising Natalya. Garza agrees that this is unfair, and says Lana’s passion for justice is intoxicating, the fire in her eyes… Zelina Vega walks up with Andrade and asks Lana to give them a minute. Vega rants at Garza and he tells her he’s tired of being blamed for every set back they have, when Andrade lost a match. The tension continues as Andrade steps to Garza. They argue and Vega gets in between them, yelling that this is enough. She says she can’t do this anymore, then she walks off. Garza and Andrade brawl a bit as we go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see The Mysterio Family backstage – Dominik Mysterio, Rey Mysterio and his wife Angie, and daughter Aliyah. Dominik will face Seth Rollins in a Steel Cage match tonight, his first ever.

Cedric Alexander vs. Ricochet
Alexander wins with the Lumbar Check.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

After the match, The Hurt Business stands in the ring as Cedric celebrates, minus Lashley. The fans go blank in the LED rows. The lights go out. The RETRIBUTION logo appears on some of the screens. We see several members of the group standing in the back somewhere. One member of the group speaks and says they are the product of empty promises, lies, and betrayal. They once trusted but now they walk with eyes wide open. He goes on and then the big man, apparently Dominik Dijakovic, speaks, adding that they see what Superstars are made of – waste, scrap, byproduct.

They see how the Superstars show loyalty to an entity that casts people aside like garbage and when you do that, you become garbage. When you sell your soul to a corrupt machine, you become corrupt. He goes on and says they once thought their time at the WWE Performance Center would lead to fame and wealth, but now they refuse to suck up to the machine. While you enjoy your last days of oblivion, RETRIBUTION is preparing to show you exactly who they are. They go on and declare that they are RETRIBUTION. The screen goes blank and the lights return in the arena. The fans in the LED rows also return. MVP, Benjamin and Alexander stand together in the ring, ready for a fight, but the crowd is just booing them.

Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Mickie James. She asks what emotion fills her as she prepares for tonight’s title match. Mickie goes on about how much she loves the business and what she’s given to it, what a high-stakes champion like Asuka brings out in her. Mickie goes on about wisdom and clarity, noting that it’s become clear to her that she’s always had what it takes to become RAW Women’s Champion, but what fuels her tonight is knowing that this could become her last chance to win the RAW Women’s Title. She walks off.

Asuka (C) vs. Mickie James – RAW Women’s Championship
Asuka gets the Asuka Lock and the referee deems Mickie unable to continue.

Winner: Asuka

After the match, it’s announced that Asuka wins as Mickie can no longer continue. The referee hands Asuka the title as her music hits. The music interrupts as Zelina Vega comes marching to the ring to boos. We see the referee checking on Mickie at ringside as Vega takes a mic and starts ranting about how she’s been thinking of her future. Today it dawned on her that she has wasted some of the best years of her career, managing two selfish ingrates like Andrade and Zelina Vega. Ingrates… just like Asuka. She says Asuka was handed the title by one of the greatest but she’s been nothing but reckless with it. She says Asuka has been so worried about the Superstars of yesterday, ignoring one of the greatest of today. Vega. Vega says she’s here to tell Asuka’s she’s ready for the title. Asuka fires back in Japanese and laughs in her face. Vega rocks Asuka and drops her with a slap. Asuka looks to come back but Vega exits the ring, taunting Asuka. Asuka’s music starts up as the two Superstars continue taunting each other.

– Charly Caruso is backstage with Keith Lee. He goes on about his opportunity to face WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. They’ve known each other for a long time and have been honest about possibly having to face each other, just like he’s been honest about Drew not interfering in his matches. Lee goes on and says he knows Drew will do whatever it takes to remain WWE Champion, and Lee will do what he must to become WWE Champion. Caruso asks about Drew’s jaw injury. Lee doesn’t want to take vantage of an injury his friend has, but to come here and be WWE Champion? Like he said, he will do what he must. Lee walks off and we go to commercial.

Bobby Lashley vs. Erik
Lashley wins with the Hurt Lock.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Kevin Owens is backstage when Sarah Schreiber asks him why he thinks Aleister Black developed a personal vendetta against him. Owens goes on about how there could be several reasons why. He also takes shots at Black and says he doesn’t care about why, just how… how he’s going to inflict enough pain on Black tonight to feel like they are even, to make sure Black doesn’t just walk, he runs back to his hiding spot, and how he’s going to give a beating that constantly reminds Black what happens when you pick a fight with Owens. Owens isn’t really worried about any of those things, do you know why? Because he’s Kevin Owens. Owens turns and walks away. Black appears and stares him down, with the eye covering still on.

– We see the crew setting up the steel cage around the ring. Back to commercial.

– Shane McMahon is backstage with his extra large RAW Underground security. Shane says last week will be nothing compared to this week. Braun Strowman approaches and Shane’s security guard steps to him. Strowman tells them both to get out of his way. He’s pissed off and he knows on the other side of the door is some poor soul he can smash their head in. Strowman again threatens Shane and his security, and tells him to send his best fighter so he can send him home to his mother with a pocket full of teeth. Strowman enters RAW Underground and the door is closed behind him.