Jeff Cobb Appears to have Signed with NJPW Over ROH & AEW

Posted By James Walsh on 09/15/20

Jeff Cobb, who wrestled for ROH for 2 years (per his deal) which recently expired and had a short term deal with AEW (after appearing twice, once losing to Jon Moxley) appears to have chosen his brand and it is neither of the above mentioned companies.

The former Lucha Underground "Monster" Matanza Cueto has apparently setled in on New japan Pro Wrestling as his landing spot apparently signing with the Japanese promotion.

Cobb has worked for NJPW for years now but recently described ROH as a "stepping stone" to NJPW.

There were reports last year that WWE was interested. But, it doesn't appear he went that route.

During a press conference for Revolution, Cody implied that Cobb still had dates on his AEW deal. However, no mention has come of that in over 7 months. So, it is likely that deal, dates or not, has expired.