Britt Baker Credits a WWE NXT Female Wrestler as an Inspiration

Posted By James Walsh on 10/14/20

As previously reported, Uproxx recently interviewed AEW star Dr. Britt Baker. Additionally, during the interview she credited NXT Superstar Candice LeRae as a major inspiration for her in women’s wrestling. LeRae also helped coach and train Dr. Baker. Below are some highlights.

Britt Baker on Candice LeRae being a big inspiration for her: “Definitely Candice LeRae. Candice LeRae actually helped train me, and even to this day she’ll watch my shows, watch the matches, she’s always checking in on me, like when I was injured, she was always making sure I was okay. She really helped me in all aspects of wrestling, kind of teaching me the ropes behind the scenes —what to do, what not to do. And obviously in the ring, she helped me learn the art of professional wrestling. She’s somebody I will always be thankful for, that I have her in my life, and get to sit under her learning tree. Because she’s really done it all, when she was on the independent scene. Now that she’s on a platform where she gets to show the world what she’s capable of? I wish her the best and then some. And she still, even to this day, has so much more that she’s capable of that the world has not seen. And they just need to sit back and wait, because Candice LeRae is literally one of the best wrestlers in the world.”

Her dream matchups: “We’ll go way out there. Sasha Banks is one of my favorite wrestlers. When I started training I’d practice her moveset. Literally I was like a little Sasha Banks in the ring. That Sasha and Bayley TakeOver match? I memorized the entire match because it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen at that point—two females outshining the guys on the show and just tearing the house down. Bayley and Sasha are two of my absolute favorites, and it’s hilarious that we’re on opposite channels calling ourselves the same title, “the Role Model,” but I would love to wrestle either of them. Sasha and Bayley. The Battle of the Role Models.”