GCW Wrestler Logan Stunt Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Gear Maker

Posted By James Walsh on 10/17/20

New sexual assault allegations surfaced involving Logan Stunt, with the incident allegedly occurring at GCW The Collective. Wrestling gear maker Teena Louise claimed in a series of posts on Twitter that she was the victim of unwanted sexual contact from Stunt during the weekend. She claims that he tried to grope her and then pressure her into sexual acts.

She wrote last Friday: ďToday was very eye opening and Iím not ready or willing to provide details because Iím still pretty shook. As of right now, I am fulfilling all gear orders I currently have and will only take select/repeat clients. Everyone else outside of that will be on a case by case basis. I am a gearmaker. Iím not okay with being propositioned for anything aside from gear nor am I going to tolerate anything else. If you want to subscribe to my onlyfans fineÖ but thatís where it ends for me. I was looking forward to this weekend so much and itís soured a lot. If you have any questions as to whether or not I will take you on as a client or keep you as a client, you can message me and I will respond. Thank you.Ē

She later clarified with a longer statement later in the week. She wrote: ďOn Friday, October 9th, 2020 I was prepping for gear delivery at the collective. I had trouble getting a hold of two clients and one was picking up gear for a client who had to miss collective. I managed to get another worker to deliver one set of gear for me but had to find the other two in my own. I seen Logan Stunt and said hey because in my mind we were friends as we talked every so often touching base. After I noticed my client who had his gear, I asked if Logan wanted to talk with me by my car while I smoked since he had wanted to hang out and was walking around. We did.

At this point, while I was smoking, Logan attempted to grope me twice wanting to see my breasts. I tried to laugh it off but internally I was uncomfortable and made a comment about my uncomfortability. There was even a comment made about how he could start having sex at any time he wanted. There was pressure to do sexual acts in my car. Logan got distracted by someone he seen and left.

I moved my car to fan parking as I realized I parked in the wrong area. I tried getting through Jimmyís DF event but felt gross and ashamed because I take my career in gearmaking very serious. I missed several events that day and attempted to sit through AIW through PB Smooth Match and had to leave. I felt nauseated, watched, embarrassed and a multitude of emotions.

Logan messaged me to make sure I was okay and apologized in text for making me feel the way he did.

After initially posting Kevin Gill reached out to check my safety and to find more info for GCW to handle internally. Without my medication I felt enormous amounts of pressure to ďname namesĒ but couldnít because I was far away from home, friends who were going to the events couldnít be found, logan was booked on all cards and I felt I would destroy collective and didnít want to be blackballed and lose all my precious, dear to my heart clients.

It was more than my anxiety and PTSD could take. I came back to Effyís event because I felt safe knowing Faye Jackson would be there behind me.

This was the only event I could stay through emotionally. I missed out on supporting my clients and performing to the best of my abilities to help people who needed help with their gear. I didnít go to spring break, I checked out Sunday morning at 6 am and drove home having multiple emotional breakdowns along the way.

When I got home I was preparing to try and accept the apology Logan had given me in a text a few hours after AIW. However, another very young person who reached out to me to support me shared with me they too had uncomfortable meetings with Logan in the past and I wasnít alone. It isnít my story and not my life to share their experience but I hope I give them power to feel they can.

I am not wanting a spectacle, I want people to learn and grow, promoters to have sensitivity training or an action plan how they will handle it whether itís wrestlers court, suspensions etc.

I do not want pity, I want my life normal again whatever that may be here on out. Those moments made me want to give up my dream of being a gearmaker. Something I have busted my ass in doing for many years. I was willing to end my existence, my driving force, my livelihood to never feel this way again.

Iíve had many workers of all types reach out and show support and I thank you. I know I will lose potential clients over this but Iím okay with that. You do you. I just want peace.

Iíve started therapy today, prescribed sedatives so I can finally sleep at night, starting to keep food down, afraid of the repairmen in my home without someone I trust, afraid of people walking too fast behind me, and scared to be alone at events again. It will be a while before I go to shows.

This doesnít fall on the promoters, it falls on one person. I hope he grows and learns from this and that itís not okay.Ē