The Undertaker Remembers Almost Beating Up Shawn Michaels At Wrestlemania 14

Posted By James Walsh on 11/19/20

In an interview with The New York Post, The Undertaker gave his side of the story regarding an incident with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 14. According to the story, previously told by Bruce Prichard, Undertaker threatened to beat up Michaels if he refused to drop the WWF title to Stone Cold Steve Austin. Here are highlights:

On his personal feelings about Michaels at the time: “Early on in my career and when Shawn was there, I didn’t care for Shawn personally. I thought he was an arrogant little s–t. That being said, still no one I would rather get in the ring with it and work [with]. That’s just how good he is. Shawn, everyone knows the story, is supposed to drop the belt to Steve. Shawn was being Shawn in my opinion and like I didn’t know if he was gonna do it. My intention was to make sure one way or another business was done that night.”

On if he was really going to beat him up at Wrestlemania 14: “I felt so bad because our relationship had changed so much that he goes, ‘Were you really gonna beat me up?’ I was like, ‘No man that’s just all rumor. Taping my hands up and everything, come on.’ He goes, ‘I didn’t think so. I mean that really didn’t sound like you.’ The whole time in my head I’m like, ‘I was gonna smash you if you didn’t drop that belt to Steve.’ But yeah, he’s a completely different person, I love him to death now. But, yeah, that’s the story. I was sitting there hands taped ready to do whatever I needed to be done.”

On how he feels about him now: “We’ve mended any broken fences. I think the world of Shawn and how he’s changed his life. Obviously, we’ve shared some very special moments in the ring, WrestleMania’s and all that.”