Darby Allin Discusses Being Compared to Crow Sting

Posted By James Walsh on 11/19/20

Darby Allin spoke with TV Insider for a new interview discussing his TNT Championship win, whats next for him in AEW and more. You can check out some highlights below:

On what it means to be called The Face of TNT after winning the TNT Title: It mean I have to hustle more. Its, Wow, he actually did it. I cant stop and smell the roses.

On how he compares his first match against Cody at Fyter Fest to their match at Full Gear: Cody handpicked me to go against him for my debut. You couldnt ask for a better debut. I had a lot to prove that night. Coming from the independent scene, a lot of people told me I didnt belong, that I wouldnt be a main-event type player. I said hell no to that. I went out swinging against Cody. Then fast forward to our fourth match at Full Gear. In my eyes it was the biggest match because it was for the TNT championship. It was a good feeling to step foot in the ring with him and step out as champion.

On fans who look up to him: I feel good because being myself is paying off. I dont feel any added pressure. Im going to keep being myself. I never said I was a role model, but if they want to take me as one Im down. A lot of kids for example look at me because Im straight edge. I dont drink or do drugs. I feel like thats a cool outlook for kids to see. I remember in fifth grade and people would come to the school as part of D.A.R.E to talk about drugs and alcohol. It would be Dont do this or that. Us kids were like, Why would we listen to this guy? He doesnt even seem cool or anything. So if people want to look at me as inspiration for that, Im cool with it.

On comparison between him and the Crow Sting persona: My face paint just comes from my real life. Thats not really a character thing I try to rip off of anybody. Ive always just liked the dark stuff. Ive always been a fan of the gothic aesthetic. Just weird stuff. Im flattered by [the comparison], its cool, but its definitely not what Im thinking about while Im doing it.

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On producing content with Tony Hawk and Steve-O: They just started following me on Instagram. I hit them up. I said, Yo, this is what I want to do. I want to bring my world into wrestling instead of just wrestling into wrestling. I was inspired by names like Tony Hawk, Steve-O and Bam Margera. I want to bring that world into wrestling because I feel there are a lot of fans that fell out of love with wrestling. Now they can see all these cool people collaborating and doing stuff. Im at Bams house right now filming stuff. Im trying to do as much as possible.

On criticism of his ring style: My trainer is old school. His name is Buddy Wayne. He is super old school. Ive learned the old-school style, and I do apply it if you see my matches. Its not just high spots. There is a lot of storytelling behind everything I do. There is a brain behind what I do. As far as what people say about me, that I need to slow down, I know what works for me, and my body feels great. Im really on physical therapy, recovery, stretching, and icing. I feel great.

On his next goals in AEW: I want to main event a pay-per-view for starters. Thats the biggest thing. In life, I want to finish this movie Im doing. I have to finish that up.