Jade Cargil Says She was Inspired by Chyna

Posted By James Walsh on 11/20/20

Jade Cargill appeared on the AEW Unrestricted podcast and discussed her being inspired by Chyna, her Storm cosplay that went viral and more. The show sent along some highlights that you can check out below:

On working with Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall: “I’ve been working with Dustin. Dustin’s really been geared in. He’s been making sure that I’m prepared. He made my debut super easy for me. He talked me through everything as well as QT at the Nightmare Factory. They’ve been sitting down, talking to me, rehearsing with me, making sure that everything is perfect.”

On being inspired by Chyna: “Growing up I’ve always been muscular and I used to always get picked on by guys saying, ‘Oh she looks like a man. She’s too muscular.’ And I remember growing up and watching Chyna and seeing how she just embodied, just loved how she looked, and it just did nothing but empower me and make me say, ‘You know what? I look good. These muscles look great!'”

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On Storm: “I was just sitting around with my friends, and they said, ‘You know what color you should wear? You should wear the silver or the white color.’ And I said, ‘Oh wow! I would love that!’ And they said, ‘You know, you look like Storm.’ I tried it, and I loved it. I love what she stands for. She’s a powerful Black woman, and I think I stand for that same thing.”