Zelina Vega Says the Past Week has Been "Literal Hell"

Posted By James Walsh on 11/20/20

During her recent Twitch live stream, Zelina Vega reflected on the past week since being released from WWE:

"The past week has been hell. Literal hell. Friday was the worst day of my life, well, since 2001. When you hear about me in the social media world, sometimes misinformation can be spread. Itís important for me to get you guys to know me. I was someone who let people walk all over me. I was very insecure and I didnít stand up for myself. Looking at social media, I expected the absolute worst. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought people were going to look at me like the devil. Letís just say that the narrative has been spun completely out of control and is completely wrong. When people see the real story that I put out, thatís who I am. Iíve learned to grow as a person. Iíve known to realize my worth and stand up for who I am, and appreciate the things Iíve gotten along the way.Ē (quote courtesy of Fightful.com)