Eric Bischoff Reveals What Advice He Gave to Tony Khan

Posted By James Walsh on 11/20/20

In a recent edition of 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff discussed Tony Khan hyping up a big surprise on AEW Dynamite, how Khan should have handled promoting the surprise, and much more. You can read his comments below.

Eric Bischoff on his advice on hyping surprises in pro wrestling: ďLetís talk about overdelivering on expectations. People, you know who you are, are you listening? Are you taking notes? This is not costing you a nickel. Donít set your expectations so high for surprises because even if you deliver, people are let down. And oh my god, if you fail to deliver even just a little bit, it goes the other way on you. If you have a surprise, let it just be a frickiní surprise Ė donít promote the surprise. Donít raise the expectations to the surprise. Just let it be a frickiní surprise, will you?Ē

On if heís talking about Tony Khan and how he should promote surprises moving forward: ďYes, Tony, for crying out loud. Youíre doing everything else right. Címon! If itís gonna be a surprise, let it be a surprise. Donít make such a big deal out of the surprise that even when you reveal the surprise, it doesnít matter anymore. Címon! Conversely, yes, if you underpromote, if you donít create so much buildup and anticipation and surprise and you just deliver the surprise, even if itís not as big of a surprise as youíd like to have, itíll mean more anyway. Itís added value, itís bonus. You didnít overpromote it. Youíre just overdelivering on something that no one expected. Thatís what a surprise is supposed to do!Ē