Note On Plans For Seth Rollins Being Changed, Note On How Long He’ll Be Gone

Posted By James Walsh on 11/20/20

As we reported earlier this week, Seth Rollins will be taking time off soon due to the fact that Becky Lynch will soon give birth to their child. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the plans to blow off Seth Rollins’ feud with Rey Mysterio on last week’s episode of Smackdown were sudden and the match was added with little promotion. According to the report, this was likely because they didn’t come up with the idea until the last minute because the entire show was rewritten. It had been noted previously that they only have a week or two left with Rollins before he departs. This is also why the Murphy vs. Rollins match is happening tonight, so soon after Murphy’s turn.

As for how long he’ll be out, the exact dates are unknown. However, he is expected to be gone through the entire month of December and the current belief is that he’ll be back “fairly quickly.”

Other than tonight’s match, Rollins will also be a part of Team Smackdown at Survivor Series.