Sean Waltman Not After a Singles WWE Hall of Fame Induction

Posted By James Walsh on 01/10/21

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. to discuss a variety of topics, including how he has no desire to receive a singles induction into the Hall of Fame, and what happened at the WrestleMania 35 induction ceremony between himself and the Honky Tonk Man. Highlights are below.

On the NWO induction getting delayed:

ďI mean, Iíve been signing 8x10s, and I put ĎTwo-Time Hall of Famerí on there, but it just hasnít happened yet. I mean, is Batista a Hall of Famer yet? Is Bradshaw?Ē

Says he has no interest in a solo induction:

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ďIíve said this, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, I have no desire whatsoever to stand up there by myself to give an acceptance speech for another Hall of Fame. I donít like that situation, standing there in front of thousands and thousands of people. Itís one thing to stand there and have a match, but Iím not the, it was never my thing. I was never the big jabber-jawer. I had some things to say sometimes, and I think they came off [as] authentic, and I think thatís why people liked me, but I was not getting ĎPromo of the Yearí awards, ever.Ē

Tells story of WrestleMania 35 HoF induction incident with Honky Tonk Man:

ďThatís kind of the beauty of it, is the awkwardness. Iím a huge fan of making things awkward in the room (laughs). You know my wife? A lot of people donít know, my wife is a beautiful black woman. Last year, WrestleMania [35], the one before the past one got cancelled, we got inducted with DX. Itís me, my wife, she wasnít my wife yet, and Honky Tonk Man are in like a green room. And so Honky Tonk Man says something to me, and I called him Honky, and then I looked at my wife and I said, ĎThatís our word. Youíre not allowed to say that.í And Honky Tonk looked at me a turned bright fĖking red. It was so awkward (laughs).Ē