WWE Puts WrestleMania 24 Back On the Network Without Mayweather's Theme Song

Posted By James Walsh on 01/12/21

As previously reported, WrestleMania 24 was recently pulled from the WWE Network for unknown reasons. However, the event has now been added back to the network, and Mike Johnson of PWInsider has more details on the reasoning behind the move.

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According to Johnson, the event was taken down due to the musical rights of Floyd Mayweather’s theme music, which he used for his match with the Big Show.

Johnson notes that WWE pulled the show to make the necessary changes to WrestleMania 24, with the company likely to do the same for other shows in that period that featured that specific music.

There were previous issues with the music during the DVD production of the show, and there was also a lawsuit filed in 2010 by one of the producers of the song before the case was eventually dismissed.