Jim Cornette Critical of Johnny "Same Face" Gargano

Posted By James Walsh on 01/13/21

During his recent podcast, Jim Cornette was critical of WWE NXT star Johnny Gargano while talking about the NXT brand:

“I can’t explain putting these f*cking two on the show constantly. I mean, even if he’s a good… her (Candice LaRae) aside? She’s just a run of the mill girl wrestler, who gives a sh*t? But he technically is a good performer.”

“Sure if it wouldn’t be for his size, his lack of personality and his obnoxiously phoney interview style and everything else about him he’d be great. Give him a contract and make him a trainer, you know? He can do all the moves. Let him do motion capture for the video game.”

“He can do all the moves but this guy is not a television personality that anybody wants to f*cking see. The only people that want to see it are the people that want to see moves.” (quotes courtesy of SEScoops.com)